Some of the best equipment in the land

It’s no exaggeration. At Digga Group, we’ve assembled a fleet of top-rate equipment that gives us the grunt and technical capacity to deliver on a broad range of projects. We’re fussy. Unlike many contractors, we own our equipment – so we know it’s fit-for-purpose, safe and well-maintained.

Our fleet and equipment includes:

  • excavators – plus attachments including rotating metal sheer, timber shear, rock breaker, auger unit, big magnets
  • skidsteers
  • graders
  • heavy haulage floats
  • bin trucks
  • mobile recycling equipment
  • backhoes
  • trencher
  • bulldozer
  • front-end loader
  • compactor
  • high-capacity dump trucks
  • water carts
  • tippers

Our recycling equipment includes:

  • bailers
  • shredders
  • grinders
  • crushers
  • screeners