Demolition Services Geelong and beyond

Digga Group is your specialist team for professional, eco-friendly demolition in Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine, Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Our expert demolition contractors can knock anything down – from a multi-storey commercial building or vast industrial warehouse to a single dwelling on a restricted urban block.

What’s your challenge? We provide full or partial demolition services for commercial, industrial and residential jobs and can offer a complete service package including all risk assessments, site files, notifications and necessary paperwork.

We can complete your demo project from end-to-end including asbestos removal, strip out, dismantling and complete site clearance. From start to finish, we work fast, reliably and with the environment in mind, recycling at least 80% of materials from every demolition project we undertake. That means less waste to landfill and a big green boost for your project’s environmental performance. Read more about our multi-point recycling operations here.

Once we’re done, we leave you with a pristine, ready-to-go site so you can get on with your bigger project.

Choose a demolition contractor with a greener approach.

Just because you’re making way for the new, doesn’t mean you have to dump the old to landfill. Even before we begin knock-down, our demo professionals assess every job to determine what materials can be recycled, reused and reduced. In most cases, we make sure less than 20% of materials are dumped to landfill. With extensive recycling operations at our Mount Moriac and Belmont facilities, we handle all the non-dumped materials in-house, so we know exactly where they end up.

Our safer, surer approach to demolition services.

Demolition is not for rookies; it’s a demanding and risky discipline best undertaken by an experienced, multi-skilled team like ours. Mistakes cost time, money and worry. As a demolition contractor and sustainable business, Digga Group is committed to following all safety policies and regulations, safeguarding our people and the community. For us, safety’s not an option: it’s a critical factor in achieving a high-quality, cost-effective outcome for every project.

Start your demo project today. Contact us to discuss your next demolition or request a free quote.