Recycling – what makes us your eco-friendly demolition and excavation contractor

At Digga Group, we decided a long time ago that knocking ‘em down and making the earth move wasn’t enough. We resolved to shape our business for the future, to create sustainable processes that lessen our load on the environment and help our clients do the same. Over nearly two decades, we’ve integrated more and more recycling of materials into all our processes, without burdening our clients with additional cost. Our recycling processes and systems are best practice and set us apart from most operators in our industry.

Today, we proudly offer demolition services where less than 20% of materials end up dumped to landfill.

This is how we do it.

With extensive recycling operations at our Mount Moriac and Belmont facilities, we handle all the non-dumped materials in-house, so we know exactly where it ends up. We’ve assembled an impressive array of heavy-duty, fit-for-purpose recycling equipment, plant and machinery including:

  • bailer
  • shredder
  • grinder
  • crusher
  • screener

Here’s what we do with some of the materials:

  • trees, timber, hardwoods, vegetable matter – we shred or grind for use as mulch or in biofuel production
  • bricks, concrete – we crush or grind for reuse in roadworks, construction or recycled products
  • metals, copper – we crush or grind and sell-on as scrap
  • soils – we screen and sell-on for reuse
  • various building materials, fixtures and components – we clean and present for resale via our Belmont salvage facility

Overall, we consistently recycle more than 80% of the material from our client sites. We feel great about that … and so do our clients.