Even more services to add value to your demolition or excavation project.

At Digga Group, we’ve developed a broad range of over-and-above services to add value to your project. You gain the expertise of our team of professionals, some of the best equipment in the land, and the ease of dealing with a single, trusted contractor to provide everything you need.

Equipment Hire

Our fleet of plant and equipment is legendary. It’s too good to keep to ourselves, so we offer you wet hire – the right equipment for your project and the best operators delivered to your site, when you need them. Cost-effective and seamless solutions that get your project completed efficiently.

Bin Hire

Just load ‘em up and we’ll take ‘em away. No hassles, no mess, no dealing with dodgy contractors. We can provide skip bins or hook bins direct to your site, with capacities ranging from 8 to 40 cubic metres.

Scrap Removal

Scrap is notoriously costly and onerous to dispose of … unless you know how. We do. Ask about our affordable scrap removal services and how we can help you clean up your site.

Heavy Haulage

Transport of the epic kind. Big machinery and equipment from point A to point B, anywhere across the nation. We have heavy float shifts, trucks and trailers purpose-configured and permitted for heavy haulage. Ask us about solutions for your heavy haulage transport challenges, and we’ll get you sorted.